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  • Cynthia E. Jordan AvatarCynthia E. Jordan

    I've been coming to Leonard since 2011 because of Leonard's dedication to Quality, Excellence and Customer Service. He's definitely old... read more - 2/17/2017 

    Sarah C. AvatarSarah C.

    5 star rating Leonard was able to alter my bridesmaid dress within two weeks for $90. He did a great job and is... read more - 6/22/2021 

    Kile Mills AvatarKile Mills

    - 12/17/2020 

    Eugenia Moseby AvatarEugenia Moseby

    - 10/11/2020 

    Zachary Cairns AvatarZachary Cairns

    Great adjustments, very quick turn around time, very friendly, and all for a great price! - 9/26/2020 

    Megan P. AvatarMegan P.

    5 star rating Leonard is no longer located at the shop in Richmond Heights. At the present time, you need to call to... read more - 8/17/2020 

  • Rebecca M. AvatarRebecca M.

    5 star rating Leonard does a fantastic job tailoring. He's now taken in the waist of 5 pairs of pants for me and... read more - 8/03/2020 

    Jeff Miller AvatarJeff Miller

    My second time going to Leonard’s. I needed some suit pants taken in after losing some weight. Everything... read more - 3/28/2020 

    Ralph W. AvatarRalph W.

    - 3/28/2020 

    Kirsten Jory AvatarKirsten Jory

    Leonard is great. I've been using his services for many years for pants, blazers, coats and special occasion dresses. - 2/28/2020 

    Kevin Klaric AvatarKevin Klaric

    Great work twice! Will be back again soon. - 12/28/2019 

    Whitney Wallace AvatarWhitney Wallace

    I couldn't be more pleased with the service and quality tailoring I received from Leonard's. Leonard is an expert craftsman,... read more - 10/28/2019 

  • Marina C. AvatarMarina C.

    5 star rating Leonard is a very sweet man who tailored a very special coat for me. He was not only friendly but... read more - 10/21/2019 

    Kd Scott AvatarKd Scott

    Great tailor! - 8/28/2019 

    Miranda Allen AvatarMiranda Allen

    - 8/28/2019 

    Megan Pritchard AvatarMegan Pritchard

    I've been using Leonard and Zena for over 5 years for everything from designer runway dresses to dog collars and... read more - 8/28/2019 

    Jeff Miller AvatarJeff Miller

    I got a good deal on a suit off the rack, but it definitely needed alterations. I chose Leonard’s... read more - 8/28/2019 

    Grant Wilhelm AvatarGrant Wilhelm

    Extremely helpful and fix my pants free of charge! Will be back again - 8/28/2019 

  • Reid Burnett AvatarReid Burnett

    Seriously the best and most attention to detail. He left me with the advice of 'Treat your suit as yourself.' - 8/28/2019 

    Christy A AvatarChristy A

    SUPERB work & service! I've had a long time tailor in Clayton who's disposition I simply could not tolerate any... read more - 8/28/2019 

    Rebecca R. AvatarRebecca R.

    5 star rating Excellent service and wonderful staff! I had several pairs of slacks tailored - being short is a struggle. So nice... read more - 5/12/2019 

    Christy A. AvatarChristy A.

    5 star rating Excellent service and tailored craftsmanship! I've had a long time tailor in Clayton who's disposition I simply could not tolerate... read more - 12/23/2018 

    Sara K. AvatarSara K.

    5 star rating I needed a satin bridesmaid dress altered, which is not an easy fabric to work with. I decided to take... read more - 10/29/2018 

    Josie M. AvatarJosie M.

    5 star rating My husband needed to get a suit tailored ASAP for an interview that was two days away. I called a... read more - 10/18/2018 

  • lilpennywzup Avatarlilpennywzup

    Great work and service - 8/28/2018 

    Emily Shearon AvatarEmily Shearon

    I've been going to Leonard for well over a decade, and he pretty much rules. - 8/28/2018 

    Justin Behrens AvatarJustin Behrens

    - 8/28/2018 

    Yousef Ahmed AvatarYousef Ahmed

    Excellent work and done on schedule! My second visit there with no regrets. Any future needs, that is where I... read more - 8/28/2018 

    Calvin S. AvatarCalvin S.

    5 star rating I can't say enough good things about Leonard. I have been going to him for years and am always delighted... read more - 4/05/2018 

    Yousef A. AvatarYousef A.

    5 star rating This guys is great! I have a older duffel coat that I am very attached too and he did an... read more - 1/24/2018 

  • Mike Berin AvatarMike Berin

    Very professional. Reasonably priced. Detail to work is above and beyond. I have been going to Leonard for 6 years... read more - 8/28/2017 

    Jamie de Terrill AvatarJamie de Terrill

    - 8/28/2017 

    Jeff seeney AvatarJeff seeney

    Leonard is awesome. Great service! Wonderful person. - 8/28/2017 

    Rebecca R. AvatarRebecca R.

    5 star rating Leonard is absolutely amazing. I was struggling to find a tailor that I was confident in and who would be... read more - 1/12/2017 

    Catie B. AvatarCatie B.

    5 star rating Did a great job on my wedding dress after a chain store messed it up. My fiancé also had... read more - 10/01/2016 

    Calico AvatarCalico

    I had to drive way out to find his shop but it was 100% worth it and i've found my... read more - 8/28/2016 

  • Tamara Osborn AvatarTamara Osborn

    Leonard took in my white coat that was a couple sizes too large and it now looks like it was... read more - 8/28/2016 

    Jenny Kruvand AvatarJenny Kruvand

    Leonard did a very nice job with the few items I brought in for hole repairs. It may not look... read more - 8/28/2016 

    Katherine Courtney Hoffman AvatarKatherine Courtney Hoffman

    They can do anything! My husband's suits have never fit so well. - 8/28/2016 

    Amy Comiskey AvatarAmy Comiskey

    I've taken several items to Leonard and he is always fast, reasonably priced, and SOO nice! - 8/28/2016 

    Zoë S. AvatarZoë S.

    5 star rating Leonard is the best out there. Besides the fact that he's an amazing tailor, he's also just an incredibly sweet... read more - 5/31/2016 

    Samantha M. AvatarSamantha M.

    5 star rating Tucked away in an unassuming storefront is a wonderful tailoring service! I was recommended to Leonard's Tailoring by another tailor... read more - 7/24/2015 

  • Sarah G. AvatarSarah G.

    5 star rating I took in a few items to get hemmed before leaving for my honeymoon and I was so happy with... read more - 5/16/2015 

    Maddi M. AvatarMaddi M.

    5 star rating I can't say enough good things about Leonard's Tailoring! Their hours are convenient, the consultation/pinning/fitting was concise and informational, and... read more - 4/07/2015 

    Daniela S. AvatarDaniela S.

    5 star rating Leonard is very professional. He is the best tailor in Saint Louis. I have been using his services for over... read more - 2/03/2015 

    J R. AvatarJ R.

    5 star rating I have been meaning to write this review for awhile- this place is great! I brought in new dress pants... read more - 12/14/2014 

    Joshua J. AvatarJoshua J.

    5 star rating I really enjoyed the service and the quality of the tailoring. I would recommend to all of my friends.... read more - 1/20/2012 

    Emily S. AvatarEmily S.

    5 star rating I'm a very petite person, so alterations are a costly yet inevitable part of my life. At Leonard's, the sting... read more - 1/19/2010 

  • L J. AvatarL J.

    4 star rating Leonard is a meticulous tailor who will truly listen to what you need done to a garment. I cannot say... read more - 11/05/2012 

    Mark P. AvatarMark P.

    4 star rating Leonard is a true pro. I first met Leonard at Mark Shale back in the day, and I wouldn't trust... read more - 2/13/2012 

    C Speed AvatarC Speed

    High prices! - 8/28/2017 

    Linda B. AvatarLinda B.

    1 star rating Had several items altered. The length wasn't even on several of the pants and one jacket. All of the pants... read more - 3/04/2017 

    Andrew B. AvatarAndrew B.

    1 star rating I should have tried myself. I took three shirts in to be tailored. They were all three the same shirt... read more - 4/16/2016 

    Whitney Blair Wallace AvatarWhitney Blair Wallace

    positive review  I just completed my first experience with Leonard's expertise. The location is convenient for me, but above that, the service,... read more - 9/28/2019